The Treasury Department is responsible for the administration and maintenance of all financial records including; coordination and day to day administration of the capital and operating budgets, financial reports, billing and collection of property taxes including water and sewer charges, processing of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.

2021 Property Tax Installment Due Dates:

1st Installment - Thursday April 29th, 2021
2nd Installment - Thursday June 24th, 2021

3rd Installment - Thursday September 30th, 2021
4th Installment -  Thursday November 25th, 2021

Pre-Authorized Debit form

PaySimply - Pay with your Credit Card

PaySimply lets you pay taxes and bills conveniently with your payment method of choice with no account set up.  This allows you to pay Municipal taxes with your Credit card.

PaySimply- Use this link to pay by Credit Card

Fees & Charges

The Municipality of Morris-Turnberry collects fees and charges for municipal services.  These fees are reviewed from time to time, and the most recent charges are posted on the website.

Fees and Charges By-Law


The Municipality of Morris-Turnberry Council adopts a budget for operating and capital expenditures annually.  The budget process starts early in the year and is ready for adoption in the spring.  All budget meetings are open to the public and advertised on our website.

Financial Information Returns:

The Ministry’s website containing all the FIRs for all Ontario Municipalities 

Financial Statements:

Available upon request.

Tax Rates:

Available upon request.

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