Building Department

The primary role of the Building Department is to promote public safety and assist development in compliance with Federal, Provincial, County and local regulations. By enforcing Building Codes and assisting builders and home owners, the municipality ensures that the structures are safe, not only for today, but for many years to come.

The Building Department is a multi-faceted department, with its major roles including enforcement of the Ontario Building Code, Municipal By-Law Enforcement, Property Standards Enforcement, ensure the compatibility and protection of adjacent land uses, maintenance and sustainability of properties.

Do I need a Building Permit?

A building permit is required for:

•Constructing of a new building

•Renovating, repairing, or adding an addition to a building including:
- finishing a basement
- dormers or finishing an attic space
- additions to existing buildings
- insulating of exterior walls when exterior or interior cladding has been removed

•Demolishing a building

•Changing a building's use (commercial, industrial & institutional) and includes home occupations

•Installing, changing, or removing partitions and load-bearing walls

•Adding or removing most walls (such as creating different room sizes and/or uses)

•Installing new or completing structural alterations to windows or doors

•Building a garage, balcony, or deck (including attached or detached garages, sheds, carports, porches, sunrooms, and solariums)

•Excavating a basement or construction of a foundation

•Farm buildings and additions, silos, steel grain bins, manure storage (liquid or dry)

•Swimming pool (above and in-ground)

• A tent or a group of tents that are more then 60m² (645 sq. ft) in aggregate ground area

•Plumbing alterations

•Septic Systems (new, alterations, replacements)

Projects that do NOT require a Building Permit

A building permit is not required for:
• Replacing existing same sized doors and windows
• Installing siding
• Constructing a utility shed under 15m² (160 sq. ft)
• Erecting a fence (except for swimming pools, also must meet zoning provisions)
• Re-shingling a roof with no structural work
• Installing eavestrough, provided the drainage is on your land
• Painting or decorating
• Replacing kitchen or bathroom cabinets
• Demolishing farm buildings

Building Permit Fees

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