The Clerk's Department is a key contributor to the local government process through functions that range from the preparation and distribution of agendas, minutes, by-laws and agreements to running elections. It serves as an information centre for Council, staff and the public. In conjunction with the Mayor, the Clerk is a signing officer for all of the municipality's legal documents.

The Municipal Clerk is responsible for recording, without note or comment, all resolutions, decisions and other proceedings of the Council. The Clerk maintains the safekeeping of all the official records of the municipality. The Municipal Clerk is a Statutory Officer of the Corporation and is assigned duties by various Provincial Statutes, including the Municipal Act, the Municipal Elections Act, the Planning Act, the Local Improvement Act, the Drainage Act and the Vital Statistics Act.

The Clerk's Department is responsible for the following:

  • Commissioner of Oath - Document Commissioning Policy
  • Preparation and circulation of Council documents and maintaining the original copies of all by-laws and minutes of Council.
  • Lottery Licences
  • Dog Licenses
  • Vital Statistics - Births and Death Certificates
  • Marriage Licenses - Please make an appointment to make sure the proper person is in the office to accept the Marriage Application.
  • Municipal Elections-the Clerk is responsible to carry out all aspects of the election process in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act.
    (2022 Municipal election)
  • Maintenance and preservation of official Minutes, By-laws, Agreements and other corporate records
  • Freedom of Information requests

Contact the Clerk's Department for further details on any of these items.

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