Fence Viewers

The Municipality of Morris Turnberry Council has appointed fence viewers whose role is to enforce the Line Fences Act. The Lined Fences Act provides a procedure for resolution of line fence disputes between the owners of adjoining properties. Line fences are fences that mark the boundary between properties; they are often referred to as boundary or division fences. The Act applies to both residential and non-residential fences.

The arbitration procedure is applicable to the following two situations where the owners are unable to reach agreement:

  • where no line fence currently exists, and one owner wants it to be constructed or repaired.
  • where a line fence already exists, and one owner wants it to be reconstructed or repaired.

The Act does not deal with disputes about fences that are not on a boundary line.

Costs and awards are determined by the fence viewers. All inquires regarding fence viewers should be directed to the Administration department.

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