Application for an Open Air Burn

Application to have an open air burn in the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry.
Bylaw to Regulate Open Air Burns

Approval to burn in rural areas of Morris-Turnberry is normally granted subject to the following conditions:

• All controlled burns must be reported by completing our burn permit application form.  If you are not able to complete the online application, please see below.
• The fire must be attended at all times by a competent person with a means to extinguish if required.
• Please be considerate of your neighbours.  No one likes the obnoxious odours of a fire in their home.  If complaints are received, you will be asked to put out the fire.
Do not burn after dark.
• If the wind conditions are wrong for a burn, plan for another day.
• Ensure smoke is not interfering with traffic on any nearby roads.
• Avoid burning in periods of extreme dryness when grass and brush can accelerate a fire rapidly out of control.
• Burning materials that are environmentally harmful such as garbage, tires, treated wood and petroleum-based products such as asphalt shingles and plastics is NOT permitted.
If the Fire Department is called and any one of the above conditions is not met, they have been instructed to extinguish the fire.  The Municipality of Morris-Turnberry may invoice you for the fire department services for any unauthorized burns or a burn in which the regulations are not being followed.
Please note: The Fire Department and the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry is not liable for any damages by giving permission to burn.  The owner of the property must take full responsibility.

Morris Turnberry Boundary Map - Telephone numbers to call 

ie. 41342 Morris Road

ie. Morris Road/Button LIne