How To Deter Foxes - Tips and Tricks


Foxes and other wildlife are moving around the Municipality.

How To Deter Foxes From Your Garden: Tips and Tricks
There are plenty of fox deterrents you can use in your garden to keep any unwanted visitors at bay. Here are five of the best fox deterrent methods:
1. Mark Your Territory
Scent marking (usually with urine) is one of the number one ways foxes know which areas are free to claim as territory and which patches already belong to someone. You might try using human hair clippings to leave “human smell” around your garden. Alternatively, there are chemical fox deterrents available on the market that you can spray around your lawn and flower beds and which mimic the scent markers that foxes use to mark territory. These are especially useful if a fox has been fouling your flowerbeds in an attempt to claim them!

2. Tidy Up
If you’re wondering how to keep foxes out of your garden, an important thing to keep in mind is that one of the things any wild animal looks out for in its territory is places to hide – so the more overgrown your garden is, the more inviting it is to foxes. Trim back your lawn, pull up any weeds and clear away any garden waste sitting around.

3. Check Your Bins
Foxes are known scavengers, restrict their access to things to scavenge! Keep your rubbish in tightly sealed bags and make sure that any rubbish that goes out for collection is in a closed bin. Make sure you put your rubbish out for collection regularly, so that you don’t have any overflowing outdoor bins on your property.

4. Feed Pets Indoors
Cat or dog food is equally delicious to foxes, so if you’re wondering how to deter foxes from your garden, consider feeding your pets indoors. If you must feed them outside, make sure you take the food dish away once your pet has finished eating – even if there’s still some food left in it. Your furry friend will be sure to let you know if it wants more later on, and in the meantime, keeping the food dish indoors will ensure that nobody else gets to it! Similarly, make sure that any animals you keep out of doors, like chickens or guinea pigs, are shut away safely at night.

5. Use Flashing Lights & Sprinklers
The key to keeping foxes away is to make your garden an uncomfortable environment for them. Removing hiding spaces in the form of overgrown weeds or plants is one way of doing that; artificial scent marking is another. If all else fails, though, another thing you can try is setting up your garden so that it’s an unpredictable place for foxes to be. This can be done with motion-activated LED lights or sprinklers, which you can find at most garden centres. Be careful when you set them up, though – you want to make sure that you won’t spray yourself with water as you stroll across the lawn, so look for places that foxes are more likely to go than people!