2021 Spring Yard Waste Collection - April 26th and May 25th


The Municipality will be picking up leaves, grass clippings and yard waste in the Morris-Turnberry URBAN areas on the following dates:

Monday April 26, 2021, and Tuesday May 25, 2021

Areas included:     Belgrave, Belmore, Bluevale, Fringe of Brussels, Junctionville, Lower Wingham, North Wingham, Turnberry Estates, Walton

Qualifying yard waste may also be delivered to the Morris-Turnberry Landfill Site at 85047 Clyde Line FREE of charge during landfill hours.

Materials MUST be placed at the curb in Biodegradable Bags.

The Bags must be placed at the curb by 7 a.m. for collection. 

The Bags will be picked up by a different truck than the regular garbage.

Plastic bags are not acceptable for yard waste and will NOT be picked up. 

The Municipality encourages grass clippings to be left on your lawn providing valuable moisture and nutrients to your lawn. 

Residents should not include tree branches, which are greater then 4” in diameter and 5 feet long.  Use strong twine to bundle tree or shrub branches.  
Yard waste DOES NOT include sod, soil, lumber, tree stumps or stones and must be free of metal, food wastes and garbage. 
The Municipality will NOT pick up loose branches!

Any Questions please contact the Municipal office at 519-887-6137